Bahujan Ambedkarite Activist bail rejected who was Protested against the repeated attack on Ambedkarite community

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Maharashtra : Bahujan Activist Panther Atish Bansode has been booked under sections 353, 188, 269, 336 and 34 for obstructing Home Minister Anil Deshmukh’s convoy , Panther Atish Bansode was protesting against repeated attack on Ambedkarite community . Yesterday , The court has rejected his bail.

“Panther Satyajit Waghmode has been watching everything since Atish was arrested. Ad Ajay Ranshungare will try for bail again on tomorrow ,” information shared by Rahul Pradhan, President Yuva Panther

Rahul Pradhan further said that Section 353 is a non-bailable offense which is deliberately planted by the police.” Normally Protestor released by issuing notices of Section 149, 144 for obstruction convoy .Despite this, the Solapur police seems to have imposed Section 353 only on the orders of the Home Minister.” said Rahul Pradhan, President Yuva Panther

He claimed that Home Minister of Maharashtra himself has directed the Maharashtra Police to file serious cases against Ambedkarite activists if they protest. He added that this has been seen in many cases and the latest example of this is Atish Bansode.

In Maharashtra, Caste violence against Bahuajn/SC/ST/Ambedkarite has increased sharply. “The rural areas of Maharashtra are suffering from this Casteist oppression on a daily basis. Every day, somewhere or other, Casteist gangs are attacking Dalit/Bahujan settlements and throwing stones. This is not abrupt, it is being done by the planning with the help of the police. Instead of Atrocities Act ,Section 395 has been filed against accused under cases of caste violence. This is all happening from the police. All Ambedkarite, including me, need to think calmly about this,” added Rahul Pradhan

“Bahujan-Dalits living in villages used to tolerate Casteist injustice, beat to death , If there is an agitation, the government and the police are suppressing that voice, that activist, that the cases of injustice.Police, village Sarpanch, MLA, MPs, leaders and ministers are responsible ,” added Rahul Pradhan

He said ,” From the rural areas of Maharashtra to the Mantralaya of Mumbai, there is a system created kill us i.e Caste system. This system is only and only against Dalit -Bahujan.The caste system and the government do not approve of our appearance, our speech, our life, the way we have gone, the voices we have raised. Then whoever is in power.”

India has been witnessing Atrocity incidents on SC-ST-for the last several years. SC/ST, Buddhists, backward classes are being subjected to various forms of injustice.

Just few month, the case of highly educated Arvind Bansod , Buddhist boy killed for falling in love with girl from upper caste , Casteist people attack on a Buddhist settlement at Savarkheda , Scheduled Caste groom stopped from riding horse , 17-year-old Scheduled Caste Boy Shot By Upper Caste Youth , Gujarat government uprooting Tribals of Kevdiya Colony , and injustice against the OBC i.e Around 11,000 medical seats of OBC transferred to General Category cases were know to us.

Visit to find the Caste Atrocities against the Bahujan:SC/ST/Buddhist/OBC

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