Bholanath Singh urges IOA secy gen to invite associate nominees to executive council meetings

New Delhi [India], June 29 : Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Associate Executive Council Member Bholanath Singh on Monday urged secretary general Rajeev Mehta to invite all associate nominees to its executive council meetings as per the IOA constitution.

In his letter to Mehta, Bholanath alleged that “one elected vice-president of IOA” had insulted associate nominees in the so-called official WhatsApp group of the IOA while secretary-general as an administrator of the group maintained silence.
He further stated that powers to invite associate nominees to EC meetings come under IOA president.

“It further states in the powers of the President IOA in same rule that if invited to attend the EC meeting/AGM then they will not have voting right, which should be read as that they will have all other rights of an EC member has except the voting right. Since this comes under presidential powers hence the authority to invite Associate Nominees vests with President IOA,” read a letter.

Bholanath cited IOA president’s May 27, 2020 letter which advises Mehta “to invite all associate nominees in all future EC meetings”.

“I will request you to please ensure strict compliance of the above-mentioned letter of IOA President copy of which as already mentioned is attached,” Bholanath said.

Bholanath also mentioned the IOA EC meeting on June 2, 2018 and Special General Body Meeting of IOA on August 2, 2018 where IOA vice-president Sudhanshu Mittal attended the meeting and did not object the appointments of associate nominees ratified to Executive Board.

“Now after the above clarifications I sincerely hope that IOA will be inviting all associate nominees to all EC meetings and from now onwards associate nominees will not be treated with disrespect,” Bholanath concluded. (ANI)

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