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“Communist China is like a forest fire; it goes on burning and consuming anything and everything that comes in its way. Stay away from China.Even if not today, Danger of invading India by China will about to occur in the near future,” Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had warned while speaking in Parliament on 26th August 1954.

Dr.Ambedkar words became true , In 1962, China invaded India and swallowed up a large territory. China has taken the lives of our 20 brave soldiers by raising the same issue of the Galwan Valley from which China invaded in 1962. The foreign minister said ,” all troops on border duty always carry arms, especially when leaving the post. Those at Galwan on June 15 also did so.But there is a long-standing practice not to use firearms during face-offs.” Even if it is a crime under law to kill someone but it is forgivable to kill someone in self-defense , when Chinese soldiers throwing stones and sharp weapons on our soldiers then our soldiers were able to shoot their soldiers in self-defense, do not got answer who stopped our brave soldiers. At the beginning of article , I have given the remarks made by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar while speaking on foreign policy in the RajyaSabha . Prime Minister Nehru was listening to Babasaheb’s speech carefully. The president scold the member when he interrupted Babasaheb’s speech.

Today, Corona virus has spread from China to the rest of the world. Speaking in the language of Babasaheb Ambedkar , Whole world turmoil by this Forest fire , the whole world including India is being punished for China’s wrongdoing. There are allegations whether the virus originated in nature or was developed by China in a laboratory and spread in whole world. This biological war imposed by China has engulfed the whole world

It has been proven many times that China’s Ruler are very ambitious, dictatorial and aggressive. Needless to say, the Chinese rulers are brutal and barbaric, crushed millions of peace-loving young people under tanks. Today, it has been proven once again that China which has moved forward to occupy the Galwan Valley is a vicious imperialist. Today China’s mischief , the market economy used to persecute other countries, and denials(Veto) used by China in the United Nations, this all prove that China can attack its neighbors. These fierce aggressors can do anything for power.

Today, all the developed nations of the world have fallen victim to the Chinese virus. It could also be China’s systematic strategy.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s vision , he awake India six and a half decades ago about this. Communists don’t like democracy , They don’t even want Morality too.

Mao’s inhumane treatment of Buddhists in China ,Seeing that, it is obvious that he is a ruler who is trampling on the Panchsheel. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar said that India should not be friend with China ,India should make friendship with democratic nations. Speaking as a RajyaSabha member, Babasaheb Ambedkar further said ,”Communism and democracy can never go together. Neighbors of communist countries must be constantly vigilant. It is unfortunate that India help the Chinese to bring their border down to the Indian border. This mistake could cost India dearly. China habit of committing aggression. Although Mao recognized Panchsheel and non-aggression in the Tibetan Treaty, Mao did not believe in Panchsheel.There are two principles of Chinese politics. First, their politics are constantly changing. Secondly, there is no place for any morality in their world. There is no morality. Today’s morality is not tomorrow’s morality.India should stay away from the nations that adopt a communist way of life and governance”

When Babasaheb resigned as law minister from the Nehru government in 1951, he gave five reasons for his resignation:

One of them was that he did not agree with the Nehru government’s poor foreign policy. While friendly relations with neighboring nations may seem appropriate at first glance, although trade and potential dangers should not be overlooked.

Babasaheb sincerely believe that China and Pakistan, two neighboring countries, would betray India. He had warned that India has danger from both countries in the future. Which later came true very soon. It was these two countries that imposed the wars on India after independence . It is because of these two countries that India has to spend heavily on defense. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar had also expressed concern over this.

Babasaheb was also upset over the Chinese crackdown on Buddhist majority Tibet. In fact, both China and India have a great heritage of ancient history and culture. We have had trade relations with China for centuries. Russia had captured ten neighboring countries after World War II. The expansionist, aggressive policy behind it applies to both Russia and China , says Babasaheb.

While pursuing higher studies in economics in the United States and England, Babasaheb came in contact with many top Marxist thinkers. During that time he studied Marxism in depth. In later times, as he began studying more about Buddha and explore in all direction, he moved away from Marxism based on a violent path. In the meantime , Democracy in China and Russia was brutally murdered , that why the true democrat Babasaheb moved away from communism.

In 1954 at Mumbai ,Babasaheb openly stated that he was leaving Marx, saying, “We will never leave Mahatma Phule.”

Babasaheb founded the Independent Labor Party in 1936. He was close to some communist friends at the time; However, later these Marxist groups taken away some of Babasaheb’s associates and activists.

In the 1952 LokSabha elections ‘Waste votes but defeat Babasaheb’ , this betrayal by the communist leader Shripad Amrit Dange hurt Babasaheb.

This communist ideology remained silent on the caste issue and also women’s issues are not their priority either.

At the World Dhamma Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, Babasaheb asked, ‘Buddha or Marx?’ On this question he openly declared that ‘not Marx, but the Buddha is our guide’.

Babasaheb has done analysis of Marxism in his writings. Even after his Mahaparinirvana, there has been a lot of discussion on this issue. Although the issue remains a hotly debated , his warning that communist China is a dangerous country so India and Indians should be be careful, This warning by Babasaheb Ambedkar is very valuable today.

In Babasaheb’s view, the country was first. No one will support the Chinese behavior of this violent and authoritarian attitude.

Disclaimer : Article captured from Prof. Hari Narke blog , Article originally is in Marathi translated to English by TOR.

(The author , Prof. Hari Narke is a researcher in sociology and was the editor of the book ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: Writings and Speeches’.)


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