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#SaveReservation has been the top Twitter trend since Thursday evening and was among one of the top worldwide trends. It has been trending for most of Friday morning as the number one trend In India.

It is the top trending thread on Twitter on Friday morning with approx three lakh tweets.

#SaveReservation was trending number 1 on Twitter after the Supreme Court has made a comment on the reservation. The Supreme Court on Thursday said that reservation is not a fundamental right. The court made this remark while hearing several petitions filed for not granting 50 per cent reservation to OBC’s in seats surrendered by Tamil Nadu in the All India Quota for medical courses.

The decision of Centre was challenged for not granting 50 per cent reservation to OBC’s in seats surrendered by Tamil Nadu in the All India Quota for undergraduate, postgraduate medical and dental courses for the present academic session.

They said that in Tamil Nadu, there is 69% reservation for OBCs, SC and ST and within this, OBC reservations are about 50%. The petitions said 50% of OBC candidates must get admissions in the medical colleges out of seats surrendered under the all India Quota, except for central government institutions.

DMK said that the Medical Council of India regulations clearly agrees with the state’s reservation laws too. The parties said that the OBCs were underrepresented in the past many examinations in the state. 

“Whose fundamental rights are being violated? Article 32 is available only for violation of a fundamental right. We assume you are all interested in fundamental rights of the citizens of Tamil Nadu,” said the court while replying to the DMK petitioner.

Dilip Mandal , Editor & Bahujan thinker tweeted ,” The reservation comes under Article 16 (4) of the Constitution. It is in the chapter of Fundamental Rights. Any child can tell this. But casteist judges are saying that reservation is not a fundamental right.”

At the same time, while supporting the reservation , Bhima Army Chief Chandra Shekhar Aazad has tweeted that the provision of reservation is given in Part 03 of the Constitution under Heading – Fundamental Rights. Now the Supreme Court says that reservation is not a fundamental right. it is Violation of constitution! This is a side effect of the collegium system. Collegium system should be dismantled.

Dilip Mandal has tweeted and appealed to his colleagues that #SaveReservation has to trend on number one on Twitter so that the matter can come in the public eye. In another tweet, he said, the court is nothing in the matter of constitution. The government can reverse the decision by bringing an ordinance whenever it wants. Reservation is a fundamental right. Take part in Twitter Storm at 8 pm.

Cabinet Minister Govt. of NCT of Delhi said on tweeter , “The deep roots of Casteism need to be uprooted , so that we can build an society based on equality. The whole world should move forward with this thought. Reservation will remain till Caste exist.”

At the same time, Bahuajn Activist Hansraj Meena did a number of tweets simultaneously and expressed his support for the reservation. In a tweet in Hansraj said, I am a small voice of those classes whose voices have been suppressed in the streets, jungles, and mountains for centuries. In another tweet at the same time, he said, if you do not wake up today, reservation will end tomorrow. They consider you as a dust, you must wake up as a storm. # SaveReservation

Tribal Army tweeted ,”Reservation provisions are given in Arts.15(4) & 16(4)& related clauses. Arts.15&16 are in Part III of the Constitution dealing with Fundamental Rights. Reservation is not anti-equality rather it strives to achieve equality & hence a fundamental right.”

Here is the data compiled by All India Federation of OBC Employees Welfare Associations:


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