Serbian Defense Minister tests positive for COVID-19

Belgrade [Serbia], June 27 : Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin has tested positive for the coronavirus disease and has self-isolated, the Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

“After one of the state secretaries of the Defense Ministry was hospitalized because of a positive test for COVID-19, it was established during regular testing of all his contacts that Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin [has tested] positive for the coronavirus,” the ministry said.
According to the Defense Ministry, Vulin shows no COVID-19 symptoms and remains in self-isolation.

Vulin also called on Serbian citizens to comply with health recommendations aimed at fighting the spread of the disease.

In May and early June, a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases was observed in Serbia, but since past Tuesday, it has been steadily growing by over 100 cases per day. The authorities reintroduced a requirement to wear masks in transport and strongly recommended that citizens wear them indoors.

A total of 13,565 people have contracted the disease in the country since the start of the outbreak. (Sputnik/ANI)