15-year-old cousins raise funds to set up health check-up camps for underprivileged kids

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New Delhi [India], July 16 : In what could be an eye-opener for many, 15-year-old cousins in the national capital came out with a unique way to develop understandings of health rights among the younger generation, particularly for those who are in underserved communities.

Arjun and Kayra, both studying at The Shri Ram School have created Children’s Health Action Management Project (CHAMP). Through this, they are hoping to facilitate the transformation of children’s access to quality healthcare and health knowledge in Delhi NCR.
The kids started planning meticulously and started crowd-funding for their project. The money that they collected, would be used to set up health camps in schools for the underprivileged kids. “The way things are going it seems that the COVID-19 is here to stay for long. So, we have discussed and decided to enter Phase II of our project, which is a crowdfunding campaign,” Kayra said while speaking to ANI.

Discussing further the campaign, she added, “We have started an Instagram page and shared it with everyone. This helped us tremendously and within three weeks we surpassed our goal of Rs 250,000 and ended up collecting Rs 274,000. Money collected from the campaign will be used to set up health camps in schools for underprivileged children.”

Her cousin Arjun, while sharing his experience, added, “Under the guidance of our parents and a local NGO, we first reached a ‘raen basera’ in south Delhi last year. During our first visit we were was shocked to see children in dire condition with no footwear, their noses running, tattered clothes and they looked extremely hungry and deprived. That single visit changed something within us. That was the moment, we were determined to help the children understand the basic etiquettes of staying healthy.”

While Arjun is planning to create a software application to keep digital records of children’s medical conditions, Kyra will work on a student’s health handbook for the rest of 2020.

Appreciating their efforts, Piyush Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, ImpactGuru.com said, “Kudos to Arjun and Kayra! We are pleased that through our (ImpactGuru fundraiser) platform, both the cousins are able to achieve their target and could take up a noble initiative to support healthcare for the underprivileged children.” (ANI)

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