Afghan Army says Pakistan shelling killed 9 people, orders to ready return fire

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Kabul [Afghanistan], July 31 : The Afghan Army has been ordered to prepare for retaliatory fire against the Pakistani military after cross border shelling killing nine Afghan civilians and left 50 others wounded, media reported.

According to Afghan broadcaster Tolo News, citing a Defense Ministry statement, an overnight artillery attack targeted residential areas in the Spin Boldak district of the Kandahar province on the Afghan border with Pakistan.

The Afghan Army’s Chief of Staff, Yasin Zia, ordered the Air Force and several special forces units to prepare for what it said were similar actions, Tolo reported.

Meanwhile, dozens of Afghans wounded in the attack are being treated at a Kandahar hospital.

Doctors said some of the wounded are children, and some of the wounded are in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses of the incident said that seven members of one family were killed in the attack and a child from the family was wounded and is being treated at Kandahar hospital. (ANI)

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