Avinash Sable , Tiger of Mahar Regiment of Indian Army , will bring an Olympic medal for India

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Maharashtra : Avinash Mukund Sable is a Maharashtrian athlete who is one of only four athletes selected from India for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in athletics. Avinash was born on September 13, 1994. Avinash is the son of a farmer from Mandhwa village, Ashti Taluka, and Beed district in Marathwada. With no school in the village, Avinash completed his education up to 12th standard by walking 6 km daily from 1st to 12th standard. At the age of 18, Avinash Sable recruited in the Indian Army. He was transferred to Siachen a few days after recruitment in the army. Few days, he worked in to the desert of Rajasthan. The next transfer was to Sikkim within two years of recruitment. He is currently serving in the Mahar Regiment of the Indian Army.

He won a medal in the internal competition of the army while in the service at Sikkim in the Indian Army. He is then advised to play steeplechase. However, the coaches said that there would be problems due to being overweight and after that Avinash lost 20 kg in just three months, and started training from the coaches. At the age of 23, he participated in the Asian Games. He has won a silver medal in the Asian Games in Doha. He has entered the final match by registering win in time 8 min 21 sec. The first 16 athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics. In this event, Avinash Sable has secured his position for the Tokyo Olympics by finishing at 13th place and will be representing India in the Olympic steeplechase.

Avinash lost 20 kg in just three months ( Photo Credit : Echawadi.com)

What is steeplechase?

This is a running competition and one has to cross 35 hurdles in the allotted time to complete the race. In this competition, one has to run 3000 meters. There are 28 hurdle jumps and 6 water jumps in this competition.

Steeplechase ( Photo Credit : Echawadi.com)

Survival of parents working in dryland farming

Avinash Sable’s parents worked in dryland farming in Beed district all their lives. They also worked as a laborer at a brick kiln for a few days.

Mother-Father : ( Photo Credit : Echawadi.com)


Avinash Mukund Sable completed his education upto the fifth in the village school. However, since his parents were out for work, sometime he had to walk total 12 km daily for attending the school from the place of work. After the fifth grade, he stayed in a government hostel in Dhanora village in the taluka for one year. He was then selected for Sports academy. However, He was removed from the Sports academy by giving reason of the poor performance. After that, he took admission for 11th class at Motilal Kothari Vidyalaya Kada in Kada village, which was close to his village. He passed 11th and 12th examinations from Motilal Kothari Vidyalaya. As soon as he passed the 12th from Arts background with 68% marks, he started his efforts for army recruitment and gave the first trail for recruitment at Ahmednagar but his attempt was not successful due to some errors in the documents. Avinash was selected as a shipai for Army in the second recruitment at Osmanabad and he was then transferred directly to Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh.

Almost four years away from the Sports while in the Army

He had been away from the sports for almost four years after joining the army. After being recruited in 2012, he was not connected to any sport in any way until 2016. However, the desire to do something in the sports did not allow him to sit quietly. He saw the soldier in Cross Country game coming first and getting appreciation from all levels. Avinash also felt that he should be appreciated, so the desire to be a player again was beginning to creep into his mind and he decided to play again.

What made him different from others?

Nothing happens easily, so he put in a lot of effort. Usual time to get up in the morning was at half past five, Avinash used to get up an hour earlier and start exercising and running at half past four, he won the cross-country competition with all this strength.

His effort was to get the constable post , but ..

Avinash says that all the effort of the game was just to get the post of constable post. He says that he was a shipai and that he wanted to be promoted to the rank of constable. Therefore, it was an attempt to get this post by doing something different in the sport. He also says he never thought he would be ready to play in the Olympics in the future.

There was no information about steeplechase before 2017

Avinash had no idea about steeplechase before 2017. However, he wanted to do something in steeplechase game only, Coach Amrish Kumar saw his desired for the game and gave him a chance. He decided to leave the cross country and entered in steeplechase competition.

( Photo Credit : Echawadi.com)

He bagged many medal so far

Athletics’ Avinash has so far bagged the first place in the Asian rankings in the 3000 meters. He has won 12 gold medals at the national level so far. In 1981, Gopal Saini broke the record for the first time by running 3 km, then Avinash broke the record four times and now the record is 8 minutes and 21 seconds in his name.

Disclaimer : Avinash Sable interview taken by Echawadi , Echawadi is popular Marathi news portal . Originally article published in Marathi on Echawadi.com

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