IFFCO launches organic fertiliser for all crops

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New Delhi [India], July 28: The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) launched Neem Cake an organic manure fertiliser on Tuesday said US Awasthi, CEO of the fertiliser cooperative.

It is made from non-edible and de-oiled Neem cake fertiliser, originating from Maharashtra.

“Glad to share that IFFCO launched it’s another innovative product called non-edible de-oiled Neem Cake fertiliser from Maharashtra. It is an organic manure fertiliser for all crops. Rich in N,P,K and organic carbon. It protects roots from nematodes, soil grubs & white ants,” tweeted Awasthi.

It is an organic manure fertiliser for all crops and has sodium, phosphorus, potassium and carbon. It is slated to protect roots from nematodes (roundworms), soil grubs and white ants. (ANI)

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