Iranian nation won’t succumb to pressure of sanctions by enemies: Hassan Rouhani

Tehran [Iran], July 25 : Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that the sanctions placed against Iran cannot bring the Iranian people to their knees. He was speaking in a meeting of the national headquarters set up in combating the coronavirus disease.

Rouhani said that two years of rough sanctions and the almost half year battle against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) displayed the Iranian people’s resilience to withstand hardship, reported IRNA today.

Even if the enemies impose 10 more sanctions to disappoint the Iranian nation, they will fail to do so, the president said, noting that the Iranians overcome any big problem by means of national solidarity.

He said that different groups of the society, including the health sector, manufacturing sector, distribution, transport and cultural sectors joined hands so that the country could overcome the difficulties.

The president concluded by saying that in spite of the sanctions and inflation, the country now faces no major crisis and the government is doing its best to help resolve them.(ANI)

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