Iran’s Khamenei wants govt to serve full tenure amid criticism towards Rouhani

Tehran [Iran], July 12 : The incumbent Iranian government should work until its tenure is over, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told lawmakers on Sunday amid hardliners’ criticism toward the cabinet.

The newly elected Iranian parliament is dominated by the conservatives, who are considered opponents of moderate President Hassan Rouhani.
“I am firmly convinced that governments should fulfill their duties until the end [of their term],” Khamenei said in a video conference with the legislature.

The supreme leader noted that the legislative and executive authorities should work together in a way that does not harm the country.

Rouhani has been recently facing heavy criticism in light of a sharp fall of the rial, shortages of foreign currency, the situation in the housing sector and other economic issues. Pressure is also increasing over the coronavirus response and foreign policy, including the nuclear deal.

Over the past weeks, the ministers of foreign affairs, energy and oil have been summoned to the parliament. Now, the lawmakers demand that Rouhani come to parliament with a report. (Sputnik/ANI)

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