Kerumata Buddhist Cave in Navi Mumbai demolished by CIDCO : Rajaram Patil

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Navi Mumbai , 11th July : The Kerumata Buddhist cave in Ulwe-Panvel-Uran area has been demolished by CIDCO (CIDCO-City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited).Rajaram Narayan Patil said that despite the state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh assured that no action will be taken against Buddhist Cave, CIDCO demolished Kerumata Buddhist cave by taking the advantage of the lockdown today .This has created an atmosphere of resentment among all Buddhists and Bahujan.

New Mumbai Kerumata Buddhist Caves

“Many antiquities are being completely destroyed by the Government of Maharashtra for the construction of ‘Navi Mumbai International Airport’, especially the Buddhist caves of Emperor Ashoka period. There are many Buddhist caves in this area. Instead of conserving them, the government is focusing on destroying them,” said Rajaram Narayan Patil, President of Shetkari Prabodhini, Maharashtra and Divisional President, Satyashodhak OBC Parishad, Konkan.

Activists allege that no Buddhist organization, party or individual is being taken into trust while the government is taking action.

“Taking advantage of the lockdown, the government is hatching a cunning ploy to destroy the identities of Buddhists. Even when there is a lockdown, CIDCO officials are ready to break the monuments even after office hours, and the officers who break the monuments have full police protection.Police, on the other hand, barred ordinary people from going to the spot, citing the cause of the lockdown.Hundreds of people, including two JCB machines and officers’ vehicles, can break through the caves in the dark of night when there is a lockdown, but five to six social workers are not allowed by the police.This strangulation will not be tolerated,”added Rajaram Patil .

On this difficult occasion, the entire OBC community like Agari-Koli-Sagarputra is standing with the Buddhist brothers, said Rajaram Patil, a leader of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi – Agari Koli community of Navi Mumbai.

He further added that many years of agitation by local activists for the rehabilitation of the Kerumata Buddhist shrine and its preservation by the Archaeological Survey of India, but the government ignored it and destroyed thousands years of cultural heritage.Therefore, Rajaram Patil has taken a stand that even if CIDCO demolishes this Buddhist cave today, we will not relinquish our right to this place.

Rajaram Narayan Patil, President of Shetkari Prabodhini , appealed all Bahujan to come forward to save Kerumata Buddhist cave on Friday while CIDCO official came to demolish the cave , Incident happened during the Facebook live program on Sathyashodhak Dhammratna Hanumant Upare Kaka birth anniversary celebration .

“CIDCO, the capitalists, the administration and the archeology department have conspired to destroy the ancient Kerumata Buddhist caves situated within the planned international airport boundaries in Navi Mumbai,” added by Rajaram Narayan Patil, President of Shetkari Prabodhini.

Rajaram Narayan Patil, President of Shetkari Prabodhini further said ,” Activists like you are always in the forefront to hold the government accountable. We request that the Buddhist Cave Rescue Action Committee is raising its voice against all these oppressions and objecting to the report of the State Archaeological Department.”

He pointed out the following point while making appeal to all Bahujan :

1) Misleading history presented in the report of the Archaeological Department states that the cave is “recent”.
2) It is not a cave as it is not registered in district or state gazetteers. It has been misreported.
3) When considering any history, architecture, it is expected to report in depth, comparatively, geographically, by studying the area .But this does not considered.
4) We suspect that there was financial fraud in preparing the report.
5) Emotional, cultural, political, social oppression is going on against us.

“We oppose CIDCO’s role for a number of such reasons.We should convey our voice to the sleeping and insane officials of the government.This is a humble request,” said Rajaram Narayan Patil, President of Shetkari Prabodhini, Maharashtra and Divisional President, Satyashodhak OBC Parishad, Konkan.

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