National hockey player became victim of selectors’ discrimination

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The Central Government and Sports Minister advertise through various mediums to attract women players for the sports activities. Whereas on the other hand, due to the rules made by them and ignoring the players, the trend towards the game of the players seems to be decreasing. If this will continue then the players will move away from the sports. Every player dreams of putting his country on the top of the world through sports, as well as supporting his family in earning their livelihood. However, with no attention being paid to the players, the players are gradually getting away from the sports and they are finding different ways to earn their livelihood.

The government has failed to take any step for the benefit of the players. The videos of many players who are victims of discrimination or negligence is viral on social media; a recent case has come into light where the Bahujan female National player named Pooja Nishad who is originally from Ayodhya and she is the eldest of eight sisters appealing for justice.

Pooja Nishad is National Hockey Player. She has participated in 16 national games so far, and has made the country proud by bringing gold medal in All India University. However, there is no one in the department who listened to the same women player today who has made country proud. She applied through sports quota in NE Railway and Northern Railway for group C post. She has given trial for group C of NE railway in the Month of February and she was selected, but when the list out she did not find her name in the list.

She asked help through twitter to Piyush Goyal on 7th June , ” I am a lady national hockey player and had written a complaint mail to senior members of railway and sports ministry regarding irregularities in NE and NR railway recruitment process. However have not received any response till date. Please help me.

She asked for help to PMO in another tweet to PMO on 9th June ” I am a lady national hockey player and a All India university gold medalist.I had logged a complaint on 30 April regarding irregularities in Railway Sports Selection in PMO website ID : PMOPG/E/2020/0374369. I have not not received a response. Pls help me”

She has given information through her Video message that the selector refused her selection saying that she will be 25 years old and will get married after two year. She has given Northern railway trial on 29th Feb 2020 and she performed very well in that trail too. She has given many application/complaints to the PMO, Sports Ministry and railway ministry, but she did not got any response from any one. She got intimation from Vigilance department that they will refer her case to Railway ministry; they also said that complaint would not move forward if they did not find it true during investigation.

She appeal through video message that honest investigation of NE railway and Northern railway to done, so she can get justice. She also made a point that she will not eligible to apply to railway or any other department from next year onward.

Pooja Nishad is the eldest of eight sisters. The Family condition of her house is very crucial. She has given up her life in hockey for many years. However, the Bahujan National women player neglected by the selectors; She been expecting recruitment through the sports quota standards so that she can continue to maintain their family as well as the education of all the sisters.

The selectors also forgot that brilliant players like Mary Kom and PT Usha played even after age of 25 and made country proud.

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