RTI Data shows Over 90% teaching posts of reserved category vacant in Central Universities

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Here is a shocking statistics: More than 90 % of the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Class (OBC) Professor/Associate Professor post are vacant in India’s Central Universities. Dr.Laxman Yadav, Assistant professor at Zakir Husain Delhi College , compiled the data of vacant post of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Class (OBC) for Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in  40 India’s Central Universities through RTI.

Earlier on 6th, Feb 2020, News reported in edexlive stated, “The data was revealed in response to a question raised by Member of Parliament from Rajasthan, Dr Kirodi Lal Meena, by the Minister of Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal in the Rajya Sabha session held on February 6. The MP queried why there was a low representation of people from the SC/ST/OBC categories in the upper rungs of academic faculty in Central Universities across India. According to data revealed by the Ministry of Human Resources, the General Category makes up the majority of teachers in all 40 Central Universities. As many as 93% of professors in 40 of India’s Central Universities fall under the General Category, according to a report from the Ministry of Human Resource Development. According to the data released, only 5.9% of SC, 0.73% of ST and 0.33% of OBC professors are currently working in the universities.”

Dr.Laxman Yadav, Assistant professor at Zakir Husain Delhi College , by taking upmost pain collected data of 40 India’s Central Universities which shockingly shows under representation of SC-ST-OBC in Central Universities.RTI reply received by Dr. Laxman Yadav on 8th July 2020 which contain ‘Statement of Staff Strength (Category wise ) as on 01.01.2020 in central universities

Dr.Laxman Yadav data revealed that more than 80 % of Scheduled caste seats in Professor Cadre, nearly 80 % in Associate professor cadre and nearly 30 % in Assistant professor cadre are vacant. Data for Scheduled tribe revealed that more than 90 % pf seats in Professor cadre, nearly 90 % seats in Associate professor cadre and nearly 33 % seats in Assistant professor Cadre are vacant.

Shocking revelation is for OBC category that more than 95 % of seats in Professor Cadre, nearly 95 % seats in Associate professor Cadre and nearly 41 % seats in Assistant professor Cadre are vacant.


Dr.Laxman Yadav shared data through his Facebook page and said (in Hindi),

It is public that more than half the posts of central universities across the country are lying vacant. I am sharing the latest figures. These figures are constantly increasing. Less seats are vacant in universities with lesser positions, while about three quarters of the seats in big campuses are vacant. Thousands of youth eligible for these posts are still unemployed, but no appointment is being made on these posts. You will remember that until now there was not a single OBC professor in any central university. According to this data, there are five OBC professors at Guru Ghasidas University Chhattisgarh, three at Mahatma Gandhi Central University and one professor at Central University of Kerala.

Now I want to draw your attention to the most interesting information in it. Analyze the data of all the vacant posts category wise. Among the vacant posts, almost three-fourth of the posts are reserved quota, for example, Scheduled caste, Other Backward caste ,Tribal have the highest percentage of vacant posts.

Till then watch it and prove me wrong that when social justice was intended to reach the society through universities, has this process of social change been stopped spontaneously? No. This is a conspiracy. Ever since reservation came to higher education, these posts have been continuously being kept vacant. Who is doing this? It is a feudal patriarchal mindset of a Manusmriti.

Dr.Laxman Yadav further said ,

Scheduled caste, other backward caste, tribal and PwD quota seats statistics of 40 central universities across the country prepared for everyone. It took a lot of hard work to prepare it. First, I took the risk to file RTI and asked for the latest data of 1 January 2020. After that, after many hours of hard work, I prepared this chart.

This is also an answer for those who were satirizing me that I did not get job into Allahabad University and BHU and that’s why I am writing against higher education. Actually, I have chosen this and have been engaged in this work for the last several years.

I have made three different charts and have tried to show through three charts that how much percentage of reserved category seats at the three positions of professor’s are still left vacant. The real game is that ever since reservation was implemented in higher education, they never filled the posts of reserved quota.

“According to the report of the Mandal Commission, the population of OBC was stated to be 52 percent; some people believe that now this population has been sixty percent. Mandal Commission included 3743 castes in OBC and explained that these workers, laborious castes were discriminated for generations. With its arguments and facts, the Mandal Commission proved that discrimination was done on basis of caste, thus only caste-based reservation can provide right to half of its population. The Mandal Commission said that OBC should get 52% reservation, but the Supreme Court has put a 50% limit so OBC got only 27% reservation against 52% population.” Dr. Laxman Yadav said while writing his views on OBC representation.

Dr.Laxman Yadav further added that except five to seven percent population of OBC , half of this country’s population is not worried about these issues. He said that the large section of OBC’s are engaged in the temple movement rather than fighting for their rights. Today all ancestral professions of OBC castes have been ruined and privatization snatched away employment from countless castes.

Dr Yadav quoted Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and said , ‘If the slave does not feel the slavery, then no power can liberate him.”

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