UP :19 year old Bahujan-Scheduled caste youth Dies in ‘Illegal’ Police Custody, family Allege Police Torture.

A 19-year-old Bahujan-Scheduled caste man, who was illegally detained at a police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli district, died in custody on Sunday morning, as per report of NDTV. The family of the man alleged that he was tortured – a claim that the police has not confirmed.

The deceased- Mohit’s family alleged that he died due to police torture. On August 26, Mohit along with his brother- Sonu was picked up from their residence in a theft case. Mohit was detained on Friday in the district’s Lalganj area.

Agitated locals blocked the Raebareli-Fatehpur National Highway on Sunday after a Bahujan youth died in ‘illegal’ police custody allegedly due to incessant police beating. Defying claims, the police officials said that the youth was not tortured and he had developed COVID like symptoms before dying.

As per information, Sonu alleged that the police had mercilessly beaten Mohit in the lockup, and on August 28 they released him but they kept Mohit in custody. The next day, Mohit’s health worsened and he was brought to the district hospital for treatment where he succumbed.

As per NDTV report :

They (policemen) picked up me and my brother. They kept on asking him where are the keys. The thrashed Mohit (Monu) very badly in the police station,” claimed Sonu, the 19-year-old’s brother, who was also picked up and then let off by the cops.

On Saturday evening, Monu complained of stomach ache and he was taken to a nearby doctor and he was given medicine. Today morning (Sunday), he fell ill again and was rushed to the district hospital in Rae Bareli where doctors said his first symptoms of pneumonia and depleting oxygen levels – he had no physical injuries. He died at around 11 AM. We are getting a video-recorded post-mortem done and the family had given a complaint against two policemen and we are getting the cops investigated,” said Swapnil Mamgain, Rae Bareli’s police chief

Suraj Kumar Bauddh, ASP’s spokesperson, said, “Ramrajya is slaughterhouse for SC community. What’s happening in UP is very very dangerous for humanity. Not only criminals even cops are killing SC people. In a Raebareli thana, a SC man brutally beaten by cops and he died in custody. Such a barbaric. “

Chandrashekar Aazad, Bhim Army Chief and National President of ASP, said that the murder of Bahujan continue in Uttar Pradesh. “If you are saved from criminals, how will you escape from the police? In Rae Bareli, Lalganj police station, the police was doing third degree torture on the SC youth for three days. The young man died due to police torture . Strict action should be taken against the guilty policemen, ” added Chandra Shekhar.

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