#HathrasGangRapeCase: BANAE writes to National Commission for Scheduled Caste

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers writes to National Commission for Scheduled Caste for Immediate police protection to the family of Ms. Manisha Valmiki , victim of caste atrocity cases in Bhulgarhi Village of Hathras Distt in Utter Pradesh , and action under Section 4 against responsible police and administrative officials for neglect of duty.

BANAE writes to National Commission for Scheduled Caste : ” Your kind attention is invited to the recent most heinous and dastardly act of gang rape and grave injury and subsequent death of Ms. Manisha Valmiki a scheduled caste girl of 19 yrs age from Bhulgarhi village of Hathras Distt in UttarPradesh State.”

Ms. Manisha was gang-raped by four upper caste men from the same village on 14 Sept 2020 morning. She was strangulated by rapists and they cut her tongue so that she will not be able narrate about gang rape on her.

She was admitted to Hathras Distt Hospital and from there she was sent to Aligarh Hospital and Medical College. She was later on shifted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi on 28th Sept 2020 where she succumbed to her injuries and died on 29th September 2020. Her dead body was forcebly cremated by Hathras police and administration in the night of 29th September 2020 and early morning of 30* September 2020 at about 3 pm without the consent of the family members of victim Ms Manisha Valmiki. The entire episode is now in the public domain on various channels and print media.

There is total negligence on the part of Chandpa police station of Hathras Distt .They didn’t record FIR properly obviously under pressure from accused upper caste Administration head of the District of Hathras who is also the head of District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee DDI not bother to immediately come and visit the victim in the hospital which is mandated for DM and SP of every district as per POA Act and no proper treatment and no proper examination in Aligarh Hospital from the point of gang rape as she was often telling the doctors and those visiting in the hospital that she was gang-raped. It was the duty of the district magistrate and State Nodle officer and Addl.DGP-PCR to immediately visit the victims and provide all medical care by sending Ms. Manisha Valmiki to AIIMS Delhi or any better hospital in India or onboard to similar to Nirbhaya was sent to Singapore for treatment on 15th September of immediately after that.

By not doing so, they have failed miserably in their duty. This is a case of willful neglect of duty. In view of the extremely serious case of crime against humanity and gender and caste violence asper POA Actl989,” writes BANAE.

BANAE writes following demands to National Commission for Scheduled Caste :

  1. The family of Ms. Manish Valmiki be provided with total security 24×7 till the trial is complete and accused are punished.
  2. All the Scheduled Caste families of Bhulgarhi should be shifted and rehabilitated to another city like Lucknow or Delhi with all facilities of housing and adequate funds for staring some business for survival with dignity.
  3. All the Police and administrative personnel responsible and complicit in this matter ,should be punished for willful neglect of their lawful duties under section 4 of the POA Act 1989.
  4. UP Police be asked to setup fast tract court outside Hathras preferably in Lucknow and trial be completed within three months and culprits be hanged till death.
  5. Criminal action should be taken against all officials who burnt the body without permission of the family of the deceased Ms. Manisha Valmiki.
  6. Directions be given to the DGP UttarPradesh for ensuring all steps as per POA Act 1989,Rules 1995 and PCR Act 1955 for prevention of atrocities against SC-ST Community.
  7. There are more than 40000 atrocities cases pending for trial in Utterpradesh.So UP govt Chief Secretary be ordered to setup exclusive courts in all districts and trial completed within 12 months max. period and see that conviction takes place. As per NCRB,thousands of cases are pending for charge sheet and trial for which proper training to police, administration and judiciary is a must
  8. Directions be issued to the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh to hold immediate state level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting and take review as per POA and PCR Act and Home Ministry  advisory  issued  to the state government in order  to prevent further cases of caste atrocities
  9. As per the provisions of POA Act and Rules, those SC -ST members in minority in villages of majority non SC -ST, they should be shifted to cities and towns at a safer place with full relief and rehabilitation measures as per the provisions of POA Act and Rules.
  10. Any other order in the interest of justice.
  11. In view of the extremely serious nature of the inhuman caste atrocity ,you are requested to send a high level fact finding team to Bhulgarhi village of Distt Hatras to meet victims family and enquire with police and administration about lapses in this matter.

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