Stalin condemns filing of case against VCK chief for saying Manusmriti denigrated women

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], October 24 : DMK chief MK Stalin on Saturday condemned the filing of a case against Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) chief T Thirumavalavan for his remark that Manusmriti denigrated women.

Stalin said that Thirumavalavan’s words have been twisted and people with the intent of inciting communal clashes are using his statement out of context.

“Instead of taking action against those religious extremists who are trying to falsely make allegations and provoke the public, police registered a case against VCK chief Thirumavalavan. This is condemnable,” he said.

The VCK chief also staged a protest at Chennai Valluvarkotam against Manusmriti stating it is against women.VCK cadre burnt a copy of Manusmriti.

Thirumavalavan said that he has no intention to hurt women.

“Manusmriti has made a bad structure in our society in which women were the main thing focused. They should argue with me what’s written in this. Let’s discuss what is written. Let PM Modi come. I can discuss with me. I am a son of Ambedkar and a student of Periyar. I have not intended to hurt anyone, particularly women,” he added.

Thirumavalavan demanded a ban on the Manusmriti book and said his protest will continue till then.

“Periyar asked women to wear pant-shirt. Periyar said your long hair is making you slaves… He saw this Manu has made women, women’s slave so it should be thrown away. That’s why he said there is no god. Ambedkar’s protest was against Manu. In the name of purity, women were made as slaves and women’s character was assassinated,” he said.

“We demand a ban on Manusmriti book. Till then our protest will continue. Indian constitution has been written by Ambedkar which is the opposite of Manusmriti,” he added.

In a veiled attack at AIADMK and BJP, the VCK chief said that Stalin-led party will win upcoming Assembly election so they are trying to create confusion in our alliance.

“They thought if a case is initiated against me I will take back my words and run away but I will go further and just stated what’s in Manu. Feel pity for Ramadoss (PMK) who stuck in their alliance. They want to weaken our DMK alliance so that they can win. AIADMK is trying to remove BJP. They thought they can enter with the help of Rajinikanth who has been talking of starting a party for 30 years,” Thirumavalavan said.

“So, they have no other way to stick with AIADMK. DMK has condemned them. Women’s started to read and get education only after Periyar and Ambedkar in the last 50 years. Women were made sex symbols before which is a physiological stigma. The Manu effect is still a stigma,” he said. (ANI)

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